I have dabbled in photography and developing paper in the darkroom for over thirty years. My first camera was a Minolta 202 and my film days ended with two Mamiya 645 medium format cameras. I became even more passionate about photography when I purchased my first digital camera, a Nikon D70, and immediately realized the potential and magic of digital capture.

My photographic inspiration is derived from the works for the great pioneers such as Ansel Adams, Galen Rowell, and most recently Vincent Versace. I call them pioneers because each of them have brought new dimensions to the art of photography. I love the technical aspects of the art, such as the Zone System, metering, composition, but now, I also enjoy the creative aspects that is enabled by Photoshop and the many filters and plug-ins that are available today. The creative tools, allow us to expand our creativity to levels never envisioned by photographers just a few decades ago.

I tend to migrate toward scenic/landscape photography in an attempt to capture the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and the other beautiful places that I am fortunate to visit. I do, however, attempt to create images in all the other popular genre, especially Still-Life and Black and White.

Today, I capture images using a Nikon D800 FX camera and a complement of six Nikkor professional lenses. Living in Lake Oswego, Oregon, I have access to the beautiful Columbia Gorge, the spectacular Oregon and Washington Cascades, the unique and colorful Oregon High Desert Country, and the sensuous Oregon Coast, all in just three hours or less. You will see examples of all of these places, among others, as you tour my gallery.

Needless to say, it is difficult to run out of beautiful subjects to photograph in this wondrous and inspiring region of the world. All we have to learn is to slow down, observe what is around us, absorb the essence, and capture what is most exciting in our viewfinder. I believe a photograph enables us to capture a moment is time, so that we and others may enjoy that moment or story over and over again for as long as we wish. The instant the shutter closes, a moment in history is created. My hope is that each of my photographs leaves you with either a message, an inspiration, or a desire to see more of this or similar moments in time or reality.

Please enjoy my view of the world we live in, and come back often.